Write a blog they said!  It’ll be fun they said.  It’ll prove your not a robot and will improve SEO they said.  Okay!  I’ll write a freakin’ blog!  So here it is!

First of all I will say that I have a love-hate relationship with writing.  Finding the right words can be like passing a kidney stone.  Painful, but then afterwards there is a sense of relief and accomplishment.  I have to admit that I have a hard enough time writing social media captions (I feel like I use the words “fun” and “amazing” way too often.  Somebody get me a thesaurus!).  So if I’m going to write a blog, I’m going to be my strange and silly self. Here I am.  I am NOT a robot!

What to Wear?

1.       I get asked this question all the time!  It’s no longer the ‘90’s and wearing matching clothes like you’re going to a Sadie Hawkins dance is out.  (Unless you have matching Christmas or Halloween pajamas, because that’s just cute.)

2.       What is in style now is picking a color palette and coordinating off of that.  For example: navy, cream, denim, forest green, maroon.  For more warm tones add beige, brown and orange (if you’re brave and can pull off orange!).  Adding textures, like scarves, and some patterns also work nicely.

3.        Try to avoid too many patterns though.  It can be a little bit wild when somebody has polka-dots standing next to somebody in plaid standing next to somebody in floral.  The photos will also look more professional if you can avoid logos and t-shirts with characters on them.

4.        Ultimately though, these are pictures that will go on your wall and later into your scrapbooks.  Wear what makes you feel good.

Blog - Tammy Rickett Photography

How to NOT Have Grumpy Kids or Spouse For Family Photos

1.       Try to make the photoshoot sound like it’s going to be fun.  Most photoshoots last an hour (after the one-hour mark people’s cheeks hurt from smiling and hunger sets in!) I do my best to make it fun, or at least make it more entertaining than a root canal.

2.       Yelling and threatening your kids (and spouse) while in the car on the way to the photoshoot does not help.  Again, we are going for a positive experience.

3.       It’s not bribery, it’s the reward system.  Planning on going out for ice cream after the photoshoot is a terrific idea!  Try to avoid bringing candy to the actual shoot though.  I’ve had this back fire so many times.  It just makes a mess and the kids are more interested in eating the candy then looking up at the camera.

Remember the goal is to end up with great pictures for you wall, Christmas cards or even social media.  The process should also bring connection and fond memories of being together with your loved ones.

Blog - Tammy Rickett Photography

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